Plugin: JJ NextGen JQuery Cycle

1) Using jQuery in WordPress the right way

Published at: 2016-02-02

Short description: This is the second instalment of my video series entitled “WordPress and Javascript” and in it we go through how to use jQuery …

2) WordPress: NextGEN Gallery Plugin

Published at: 2020-12-29

Short description: NextGEN Gallery Plugin is a free open source image gallery plugin for the WordPress CMS. It is currently one of the top 5 most …

3) How to add jQuery to your WordPress theme | WordPress Tutorial

Published at: 2020-10-08

Short description: Need help with your website? Visit and send us your questions This is a WordPress tutorial on how to …

4) How to Use jQuery Migrate in WordPress

Published at: 2021-02-09

Short description: WordPress started a big, 3-release update to jQuery starting in 5.5, and finishing up with the release of 5.7. To help sites test the …

5) Best Tool for Showcasing Photos Online? Modula Overview (WordPress Plugin)

Published at: 2020-10-20

Short description: Modula might just be the most detailed tool I’ve come across for displaying photos online. Definitely worth checking out for …

6) JQuery Plugin Tutorial (playlist)

Published at: 2018-06-11

Short description:

7) Two-Minute Introduction to NextGEN Gallery

Published at: 2019-05-09

Short description: If you are new to NextGEN Gallery, this two minute overview video will introduce you to the plugin. NextGEN Gallery is designed to …

8) WordPress Plugin Development: Gutenberg Blocks, React & More

Published at: 2021-06-08

Short description: Join my full course:

9) WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin Review 2021

Published at: 2021-10-03

Short description: Download Link Want to create beautiful photo galleries and albums …

10) jQuery Tutorial for Beginners #25 – Using Plugins

Published at: 2015-10-19

Short description: Hey class, in this jQuery tutorial for beginners, I want to introduce you to jQuery plugins and how to use them. In this particlaur …

11) Why jQuery Plugin not working in WordPress

Published at: 2019-10-27

Short description: After creating a WordPress theme and included some jQuery plugin you identified your jQuery plugins are not working.

12) Related Posts Thumbnails WordPress Plugin Review – Could be a lot better

Published at: 2022-06-23

Short description: Related Posts Thumbnails is a plugin that helps you display a list of related posts at the end of your regular posts. It is active on …

13) wpDiscuz Tutorial – How to Setup & Configure wpDiscuz Plugin – wpDiscuz WordPress Comments EducateWP

Published at: 2022-02-11

Short description: “Make your comment section look and feel better with more options and functionalities by adding wpdiscuz plugin. In this video we …

14) WordPress Gallery Plugin – NextGEN Gallery Plugin

Published at: 2015-05-06

Short description: Take a peek at the WordPress photo gallery plugin! This WordPress video gallery plugin is perfect for your photo collection and is …

15) What are these WordPress plugins doing?! Using Query Monitor Plugin

Published at: 2019-09-21

Short description: Installing WordPress plugins can have a dramatic impact on your WordPress website performance. The Query Monitor plugin can …

16) Live Chat for WordPress [FREE] Plugin Tutorial Step By Step

Published at: 2020-05-03

Short description: In this video, I am going to test the official Tawk to live chat for WordPress. We are not sponsored by them, I just picked up this one …

17) Best Free Quiz Plugin For WordPress – Quiz And Survey Master WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Published at: 2020-08-13

Short description: Grab your free 17-Point WordPress Launch Checklist PDF: …

18) Two-Minute Introduction to NextGEN Gallery

Published at: 2018-05-16

Short description: If you are new to NextGEN Gallery, this two minute overview video will introduce you to the plugin. NextGEN Gallery is designed to …

19) Auto Update WordPress Plugins and Themes – DIY Plugin Tutorial

Published at: 2020-02-27

Short description: You’ll learn to keep your plugins and themes automatically updated with a simple plugin. You can actually make this plugin …

20) How to Test WordPress Themes and Plugins with WP Reset – WordPress Tutorial

Published at: 2020-12-27

Short description: Just in case you didn’t know, I love messing about with new WordPress themes, plugins and templates 🙂 – but it can be a little …

21) How to Safely Update Your WordPress Plugins Every Time

Published at: 2021-05-25

Short description: In today’s video, we’ll learn how to safely update your WordPress plugins every time. Blog post: …

22) How to Create Number Counter Animation in WordPress using JQuery | WordPress Tips and Tricks

Published at: 2022-05-14

Short description: Hey Everyone, in this tutorial, I will show you how to create number counter animation in WordPress Gutenberg Editor using …

23) How to display audio playlists using AudioIgniter WordPress plugin

Published at: 2016-09-22

Short description: Get the free plugin: Get the Pro plugin: Read the …

24) Feedzy WordPress RSS Feeds Plugin Tutorial

Published at: 2022-02-16

Short description: Learn how to add feeds to posts and pages on your WordPress website for free using Feedzy, a powerful RSS aggregator that …

25) What Are WordPress Plugins – And How To Use Them?

Published at: 2017-07-13

Short description: What makes WordPress so great? Plugins – that’s what! But what actually ARE WordPress plugins? What do they do and how do …

26) Live WordPress plugin development

Published at: 2020-10-16

Short description: Watch me build a WordPress plugin live! I covered the following: – Adding a setting to the general settings screen – Using the …

27) Boilerplate WordPress Plugin Development Tutorials #24 First Ajax Request in Plugin

Published at: 2020-03-24

Short description: In this video we’ll see: Boilerplate WordPress Plugin Development Tutorials #24 First Ajax Request in Plugin …

28) How to Install a WordPress Plugin (3 Different Methods)

Published at: 2018-06-11

Short description: After installing WordPress itself the first thing tutorials want you to know how to do and what most beginners want to know how to …

29) Strong Testimonials WordPress Plugin – Collect & Display Testimonials

Published at: 2022-07-15

Short description: The Strong Testimonials plugin allows you to collect and display testimonials or reviews on your WordPress website. With more …

30) WordPress. How To Update jQuery Using jQuery Updater Plugin

Published at: 2017-02-08

Short description: This tutorial is going to show you how to update jQuery using jQuery Updater plugin. We’ve transcribed this video tutorial for you …

31) Conditional System Tutorial – Cost Calculator WordPress Plugin

Published at: 2022-01-10

Short description: In this video tutorial, we will dive into the remarkable function of Cost Calculator, which makes it highly adaptive and powerful on …

32) 5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2022 Performance Compared

Published at: 2022-03-10

Short description: Looking for the best WordPress popup plugin? WordPress popup plugins help you convert website visitors into customers and …

33) Tutorial How to Install a DesignO WordPress Plugin | DesignO Print on Demand Plugins for WooCommerce

Published at: 2022-06-10

Short description: To make it easy, we have created a video tutorial on how to install a DesignO WordPress plugin into your WooCommerce store …

34) Load More Anything WordPress Plugin jQuery

Published at: 2017-10-27

Short description: Plugin Name: Load More Anything Plugin URI: Github: …

35) 7 Best Instagram WordPress Plugins of 2022 Compared

Published at: 2020-12-17

Short description: Do you want to feature Instagram photo feeds, image sliders, or create a giveaway to grow your followers? There are many …

36) Smush Pro – Image Optimization for WordPress

Published at: 2020-07-28

Short description: Optimize your images, turn on lazy load, resize, compress, and improve your Google Page Speed with the best image optimizer …

37) 5 Free WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Website with Caching & Image Optimization

Published at: 2019-12-23

Short description: Here are 5 free (seriously, FREE) WordPress plugins that will take your website from a poor score on Google PageSpeed Insights …

38) JetPack WordPress Plugin Tutorial, Lesson #1: Introduction and Installation

Published at: 2016-10-14

Short description: Find more great WordPress training by visiting In this series, we’re going to talk about …

39) 9 Best Audio Player Plugins for WordPress

Published at: 2015-06-17

Short description: WordPress has built in support to handle audio files in various formats. It can automatically embed an audio file in a supported …

40) How to install Ultimate Affiliate Pro on your website + WordPress Plugin

Published at: 2022-05-15

Short description: Affiliate #Program #Earn Ultimate Affiliate Pro is the newest and most completed Affiliate WordPress Plugin that allow you provide …

41) Best WordPress Autoblogging Plugin | WPeMatico

Published at: 2022-07-19

Short description: Check this out: This is time to sit back and trust your website’s blog with the best WordPress AutoBlogging …

42) SmartyStreets jQuery Plugin Tutorial

Published at: 2016-05-20

Short description: In this video, We show you how to install and use the SmartyStreets jQuery plugin to verify addresses in your HTML forms.

43) AntiSpam Bee – Plugin Setup Tutorial (Stop WordPress Email Spam)

Published at: 2020-02-05

Short description: You’ll learn how to block spammers with this free plugin! This could be the perfect free alternative to using Akismet anti spam!

44) Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin Full Review 2022

Published at: 2021-12-28

Short description: Hey there! In this video tutorial, we will introduce WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin in detail! Want to create quizzes for your …

45) 6 Best Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins in 2022

Published at: 2022-09-04

Short description: In this video we will go over the 6 best photo gallery WordPress plugins in 2022 such as SeedProd, Envira Gallery, Modula, …

46) How To Use Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP): A Walkthrough Video

Published at: 2022-01-27

Short description: In this video we would like to give you a short but comprehensive overview of how to use our plugin – and it’s very easy!

47) How to Build a Form with Gravity Forms | WordPress | WordPress Plugins | WordPress Tutorial

Published at: 2022-06-19

Short description: How to Build a Form with Gravity Forms | WordPress | WordPress Plugins | WordPress Tutorial …

48) Document Library Lite – Free WordPress Plugin

Published at: 2022-04-06

Short description: Document Library Lite is the easy way to add documents and display them on your website. It’s a free WordPress plugin and you …

49) Ithemes Security – Setup Tutorial – Easy & Powerful WordPress Security Plugin

Published at: 2020-04-17

Short description: You’ll learn to setup the excellent Ithemes Security WordPress plugin. This plugin is probably the easiest security plugin ever …

50) Creating and displaying your first ad with Advanced Ads | Advanced Ads Tutorial

Published at: 2021-04-21

Short description: Creating and displaying your first ad with Advanced Ads (2021 version) Creating and displaying your first ad with Advanced Ads …